How Can I Get Involved in the Cape Crusade?

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There are a number of ways you can get involved in this great event!  

Take a look here and find what looks best to you, the only bad option is not joining in!



Start a Team:  This is the best way to get involved and actually compete in the race!  Don't worry you don't have to kite all 26 miles, and you don't have to be an adanved rider.  Participants simply need to be able to stay up wind and have an understanding of Right of Way on the water.  To start a team,

  1. Find 4 other kiters, if you need help send us an email or post here.  If you are new to the community this is a great way to get involved and meet other kiters!
  2. Choose one person as a Team Captain, they will be responsible for registering their team and generally keeping everyone stoked!
  3. Have the Team Captain Register and Create your Team, links to registeration and further instructions can be found on our WEBSITE.
  4. Have your Team Members Register, using the same registration link on our WEBSITE your team members will now be able to register themselves and join your team by using the drop down menu and chosing the correct team name.
  5. Spread the Word and Start Fundraising!  Once  your team is registered you can edit your fundraising pages, share them on Facebook, and email your friends/family about what you are doing and why they should join in.  Take a look at the 7 fundraising tips on the registration page of our website and get going!


Donate/Spread the Word:  This is a great option if you are still learning to kiteboard, won't be available on the dates of the event, or otherwise don't think joinging a team is right for you!  

  • To Donate, check out our WEBSITE and there is a link to donate directly to Athletes 4 Cancer and help us reach out goal!  If you know someone who registered a team help them out and make a donation using their fundraising page!
  • Help Spread the Word, this is our first year and we have big ambition!  We need your help, share our WEBSITE, invite your friends to follow us on FACEBOOK, everything helps and anything is appreciated!


Become a Sponsor: We are counting on sponsor support to meet our fundraising goals.  We have a number of levels of sponsorship and are committed to finding the right level for your business!  

  • To Become a Sponsor, send us an email to and we will get you all the details!
  • Promote the Crusade, Do you have a store front? Event board at work, or friendly with your local coffee shop?  We would love to get you some posters and event cards to put up where people will see them!  Send us an email and we can get you everything you need!


Still not sure how you fit in?  No worries post a question here, drop us an email, or come to our sign up party March 18th!

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Need a team

I wont be able to make it to the sign up party but would still love to get in on this race. If anyone is in the same boat and wants to start a team or needs a spot filled PM me.


Ian Perkins

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Just kind of wanted to bump

Just kind of wanted to bump this up. ANYONE can help us get sponsors. We have sponsor decks we can share with you if you want something that looks very official Smile Or if you have any ideas of who we should talk to, please let us know!


K T H X B Y E P Z !

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